What Happens When Any One Call?

When anyone contacts information Helpline, they will speak directly with a counselor. Before being connected to a counselor, callers may will be asked to listen to a recorded message which relays important information about privacy and disclosure.

If anyone contacts information Helpline via email or web, they will be asked to read through a similar online statement.

The caller will then be connected to a counselor who will ask the caller what they would like to ask about. We deal this all kind of information’s and free to deliver information about people and business registered with us.

Callers that call Information Helpline can talk to a counselor for as long as they need to. Some calls only last a few minutes and others can last up to an hour.

This service for all people and normal call charges should be apply by your telecom operators. If your organization is listed as a service provider and the details are incorrect or out of date, please download an update details form and return it to us.

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